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The beauty is in the details – and those don’t come about without some careful design & planning. Here is why you can trust Prospect Builders to set the blueprints for your building work in stone.

Design is the planning that lays the foundation for making your dream home come true.

We’ll start by identifying the purpose of the construction to ascertain the materials, colours and textures that relate to the client’s needs, or to compliment an existing building. The concept is to make sure all aspects of the design are achievable to meet the client’s brief and that will meet local planning requirements.

Initially we will talk through the design concept with you – defining appropriate methods of construction. Following this, Prospect Builders will engage the services of an architect to put these ideas into a plan, or they can work alongside your own architect. The architect will make sure the plans meet building regulations and satisfy and meet local authorities planning departments policies.

Let your creative mind flow, or use us for inspiration.

Ultimately how your extension, room or new build looks is down to you, but you may feel it’s worth getting a second opinion from us based on our past experience. Not only will our input be valuable in terms of technicalities and practicalities, but also we aim to please in terms of the look and ambience of a room or build.

We are here for you to bounce your ideas off before we get stuck in to the nitty-gritty. What colour paints should be used? What finishes should be applied? What type of flooring is best? These questions, as well as many others, can be answered by us.


The process is simple: let us know the specification of the building service you require, and we will be back in touch shortly after with a quote!


01242 500 262 or 01242 528 709


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